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Actionable steps each day to build momentum.

Day 1 - Eliminate Distractions:
Imagine you’re piloting a small plane at the end of a runway wanting to take off, however between you and the far end, there are large objects strewn all over the runway. Some men never soar in life because they’re not able to create enough speed and momentum to take off. On Day 1, your first step in taking off will be to clear the runway by eliminating distractions that impede you from gaining speed. All you have to see is to the end of the runway. Anticipate the resistance. Planes take off into the wind.
Day 2 - Decide On Your Destination:
Deciding on where you’re going theoretically sounds like an easy decision to make however often, men get caught in the drift of life because they’re not clear on where they’re headed. Whether you’re clear on what your goals are in life or you have no idea, Day 2 will help you gain clarity on what it is you really want and where you want to go. You don’t need to know where you want to be 10 years, 5 years or even 1 year from now. I will help you define your 90-Day destination.
Day 3 - Make Your Plan: 
Now that you’ve eliminated all the distractions that keep you from being productive, you’ve decided on the direction you want to aim for, during Day 3, I’ll teach you my simple technique for time management. With the control of your time firmly in hand, I’ll also teach you how to avoid overwhelm by creating a simple execution plan. With this plan, you’ll be able to push the throttle to full power.
Day 4 - Selecting Your Wingman: 
Every Maverick needs his Goose. If you didn’t know that was a Top Gun reference, I don’t know what to tell you. When it comes to ensuring you actually follow through and execute with consistency, having a wingman and accountability buddy is everything. During Day 4, I’ll teach you several execution tips and tricks that will be absolute game changers in your life, no matter if you’ve always struggled with self-discipline or falling victim to procrastination.
Day 5 - Celebrate the Milestones:
As much as the end destination is, you know that life isn’t so much about reaching goals, as it is about the man you become along the journey. During Day 5 of the challenge, you'll learn the secret to not only achieving anything you want in life, but also loving every moment of life. It’s not enough to acquire what you set out to achieve if you don’t focus on what makes you feel most fulfilled. Too many times we accomplish a goal and before we even get a chance to celebrate it, we’re off and running towards our next endeavor. Celebrating and enjoying what you’re creating and who you’re becoming is just as instrumental as what you’ll learn in the previous 4 days.
You'll leave this challenge clear and ready to take on the world!
Meet Your Challenge Host Johnny King
Before Johnny King became a transformational coach for men to help them reach their highest potential, he first had to discover his own. Amidst the recession of 2010, Johnny was broke: $35,000 in debt, jobless, and picking up the pieces of a failed marriage. He thought he was done… Little did he know it was just the start of his journey. He resolved to never experience hopelessness like that again. Over the next few years Johnny built multiple successful businesses, and now leads a men’s group, and produces a podcast. He systemized his habits and routines to create a life he could fall in love with. He’s now teaching others those tools so they too can own your day, realize your dreams, and truly become the King or Queen of their kingdom.

"The thing that I really enjoyed, that really helps me, is accountability first and foremost. Being around other guys, and staying strong for others to make sure we’re helping each other out...And not only is my business good, I AM good." – Zach L.
“So do this…Do this because it will make you uncomfortable. Do this because it’s not something you would typically do and that’s where change will happen.”  – Londell J.
"The value is definitely there. Like Warren Buffet says ‘The most important thing you can invest in is an investment in yourself.’ " – Thomas G.
"I enjoyed knowing that Johnny was operating from the heart. You could tell that this wasn’t just a job or a way he found to make money; you could tell he really cared about everyone in the program and that he wanted to see them succeed. And he would look for every way to help and find safe ways to do that under a pandemic." – Eric M.


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